Hello hello

8((( man someone do the lines for this adopt for me

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Tried to make the newbies look cool e -e

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Picked up Drossel from the post office! ; u; wwah she’s so cute I want five million more

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Everyone keeps reblogging the unedited version of the alpaca post ; -;
it’s misleading I’m so sorryyyyyy

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also the mailman either decided he didn’t want to drive up the driveway to deliver my package or he tried to deliver to the wrong house.

So i have to pick up Drossel at the post office tomorrow, which was a thing i had already decided i never wanted to do again since i did it this morning to pick up the other newbies and signing things is just a painnnnnn

feel bad that i haven’t had a chance to draw and post art lately, i am a busy bee with school u _u

instead you get photos of new stuff in the mail

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bad picture of newbies still in their boxes

Strength is pre-owned but looks to be perfectly fine and Spider-man is new! So glad they re-released him~ = v=

I’ll unpack them later and take new pictures of the entire family, i’ll have to make room on the nendo-box shelf too ahhhh

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are all those plushes from 1 mystery bag? If so I was wondering which one! THanks!!

ahhhh i made a post about that not long after i made the photo post haha;;

I’m so sorry anon but only three of the plushes (pink alpaca, purple giraffe, and emoji one) were from the mystery bag, the other four(wooly, flower crown, blue animal hat, and strawberry bow) were normal purchases! (bolded for emphasis haha;;) I will go back and edit my post to reflect this, so hopefully others that  see it won’t misunderstand;;

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