Hello hello

Becaaaause. I’m going to sleep in like a minute : ((( My eyelids are heavy but I was waiting to see your details, heh… I’ll try and catch you tomorrow if you’re online! I get home around 7

sobs no so unfair ; A;

but okay go get restttttt~<3 u vu

i have another project to finish tomorrow so i may or may not be on, depending on what time i finish it!

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igneousrocks replied to your post: Finished at last ( ง ˘ヮ˘ )ง you shoul…

it looks beautiful, keep up the good work :D I’m sure your professor will be very pleased with it

cries i hope so ; ^;

also why aren’t you onlineeeee 8’(((

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also someday i’ll calibrate my screen so i won’t have to guess on whether a color is decent or not ヽ( ̄_ ̄ ヽ )

but that day is not today so

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Finished at last ( ง ˘ヮ˘ )ง

you should all know i stuck with the eye puns for the file names COMMITMENT GUYS

(bonus close-ups. i am so pleased with the eyes/irises you don’t even know okay (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

the mouth could be better but eh.)

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sort of finished with part one

i’m unhappy with the jacket but i’ve given up 8(((

bg will be next cries

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look i made an eye

eye did it


(oh man there is still so much left i’m gonna cry)

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working on a painting in photoshopz for class and i feel okay about it and then i glance at tumblr and see all these really badass works and i just

whatever it is break time again lmao


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8((( this is my life now

how did this happen

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//heavy breathing

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