Hello hello

May have decided on Valhalla’s new doll

; o; Super tempted to order him, but ahhhh WE WILL SEE

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Owl brooch that came in yesterday! ; u;

For some reason the tracking never updated past a certain point, i’ll have to tell the seller it arrived safe and sound~

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i am already missing Valhalla 8(((

i must search for a new doll for him ahhhhhh

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8’))) oh man shipping is hella expensive online estimates are like $50+ for these packages i can’t even

sincerely hope it won’t be that bad when i actually go to the post office tomorrow 8’(((

but oh well that is life

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and now they are boxed up

these boxes are huge though

where do people even get the nice sized ones

a mystery

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tags: + wasted so much bubblewrap to make sure they don't move in al the extra space they have

bubblewrap mummies are all set

need to get them in their boxes next but lazies u _u

in an hour or so i will continue haha

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bubblewrap is hella distracting though

pop pop pop

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; u; a new shell for Mihr arrives
It’s gorgeous ahhhhh

Waiting on his wig and i haven’t ordered new eyes yet u _u

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package is out for delivery!

but i have class until five……

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tags: + so unfair i want to be there when it arrives + i don't even know if it has to be signed for HOPEFULLY SOMEONE CAN SIGN FOR IT IF IT DOES